Sunday, August 07, 2005

Saudi Link?

South Africa's Mail and Guardian hasn't got the most amazing of reputations down there, but if this article has anything to it, there might be a little bit of uproar over the next few days. It suggests that
Saudi Arabia officially warned Britain of an imminent terrorist attack on London just weeks ahead of the 7 July bombings after calls from one of al-Qaeda's most wanted operatives were traced to an active cell in the United Kingdom.

Senior Saudi security sources have confirmed they are investigating whether calls from Kareem al-Majati, last year named as one of al-Qaeda's chiefs in the Gulf kingdom, were made directly to the British ringleader of the 7 July bomb plotters.
If there's something to this then there will need to be some sort of investigation as to whether anything got lost in the system.

Which is not to say that the British Intelligence services would necessarily have been able to do more: the one thing we've all learned in the last few years is that intelligence gathering is a very very difficult game.

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