Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hebredise the Island

Well that time of year has hit us again: when Irish people everywhere take the opportunity to celebrate our Irish-American heritage. Happy St. Patrick's Day! And, if you are reading Stateside, rest assured, as per tradition, it's raining, cold and miserable!

I for one am spending the day in the office, trying to keep my mind on the paper myself and Mel have to finish this weekend (a discussion of ethical dilemmas in public administration, drawing heavily from the Hutton Inquiry), and reading Tom Garvin's (pretty interesting so far) Preventing The Future: Why Ireland Was So Poor for So Long.

Update: Mel has posted some more serious reflections on Irish America. Paul expresses some concerns about the day. Young Irelander is planning to murder his liver. And Andrew McCann sticks to pulling hair and breaking the heads of dolls. It must be love!

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