Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Crap Tourist Sites

Now, I don't get much of a readership here: enough to keep me going but also the right amount to keep my ego in check. So I don't expect much from this. Anyway, inspired by mad Dan Cruikshank's Around the World in 80 Treasures, I was speculating about what a programme specifically on crap treasures would include. So I thought I might ask you to suggest some and see if we can get a curmudgeonly world tour going.

The only rules are that the treasures must have had some original intention other than modern tourism (so that's Disneyland out, unfortunately) and that they must have some claim to being a tourist draw (so that's your local mall out, unless it's Mall of America etc...). To get us started, I'll pick...

Blarney Castle, because it's everything that's awful about the Irish tourist industry.

And Stonehenge, because it's a bloody huge disappointment, because it's like a decoration on a roundabout with the road sweeping past and most gallingly because it's roped off so all you do is gape at it like a fool and then traipse (clock-bloody-wise only, mind) towards the gift shop. Ugh.

Anyway, if you can think of any let me know. If you can't I'll be suitably chastened for suggesting that you're a miserable git too!

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