Thursday, January 13, 2005

Heist Guesswork

It strikes me that one way we might make sense of the infamous heist would be that it was supposed to work as a reminder that the IRA was still in business. Now, I've no idea whether or not the Shinners knew what was going on, and Martin McGuinness has certainly suggested that whoever did it was no friend of republicans. Still, it would make political sense to time a spectacular (though not particlarly lucrative) robbery for just after the signing of a deal that includes decommissioning. A case of rubbing the DUP's nose in it combined with a 'we haven't gone way, you know' message to the Republican electorate. Now, that would make sense (which is by no means the same as saying it is likely to be what was going on).

George Burns posts a similar (perhaps more plausible) suggestion, to do with SF's electoral ambitions, on Slugger O'Toole this evening.

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