Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Geldof on Today

No link on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme site, but Bob Geldof was on after topping their 'Listeners' Lord' poll. All good fun, but Geldof did make the serious point that we cannot prevent catastrophes like that in the Indian Ocean, but can only do everything we can to alleviate the suffering caused. The problems of Africa, on the other hand, are man made and could be prevented, if only the will existed. This year the UK chairs the G8 and (from July) holds the presidency of the European Council. Here's hoping that the government honours its commitment to place Africa at the top of its agenda.

Update: There's a link to Geldof's comments here (requires Realplayer).

Update 2There is an piece about Geldof's appearance on the BBC site (courtesy of (it's a common name!) Ciaran's Blog)

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