Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Far be it from me to tell you how to travel, but I've discovered the marvellous Aircoach from Dublin Airport to Belfast. It costs €30 return and is very very comfortable. A much more comfortable bet than the Bus Éireann/Translink service.

Don't worry, I'm making no money from this spot of promotion. I'm advertising the service because I love it. But the buses always seem to be empty. Unless Aircoach's business plan actually just involves my travel schedule (or my solipstic attitudes were actually founded in fact), I can't imagine how they make any money. And I want them to stay in business! So give them a try if your heading to Dublin Airport: they leave Jury's Hotel hourly from 06:30 and Dublin from 07:00 (you need Euros to buy the ticket, which strikes me as being a bit silly, but you can buy online: they text the confirmation to your mobile).

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