Friday, September 09, 2005

Replacing the E111

As you probably know, EU citizens who are travelling in the European Economic Area have the right to health care in their host country at the same level as the host country's citizens (which most often means you'll still need travel insurance).

Until now, we've had to apply for an E111 form in order to avail of this right. But the EU111 has been phased out and is replaced by the European Health Insurance Card. Since the card is valid between three and five years, I recommend you apply for one now.

If you're resident in the UK, you can apply online here and if you're in Ireland there's information on applying here (if you have a medical card you can apply online, if not you can download an application form). I don't know about other EU countries. The card lasts for five years, I think, so you can have it on you at all times.

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