Friday, September 16, 2005

Crapple Grapple Apple

If you didn't see Channel 4 news's coverage of the New York 'debate' (see here also) between George Galloway and Christopher Hitchens last night, you can watch the video here. C4 posits the trading of insults as the height of robust British debating, presumably as opposed to what passes for political debate in America.

Is it only me that finds it all a bit depressing? There's something quite good about disrespectfully questioning decision-makers about their decisions. Nothing like a Paxman-esque bollocking (when he was good at it). But this ain't that. This is just a preening display by two rather pompous, um, poppinjays, acting as a warm-up act to the flogging of their own books (books, that is. Not backs, which might justify an audience). It just highlights how useless it is to try and engage with people for whom their own bellowing is more important than basic manners.

Here endeth my own (perfectly legitimate of course) bellowing.

Update: Hugh Green comments that his own bellow is here. Since he agrees with me, I declare that he is dead sensible. Anyone who disagrees with me is guilty of cheap demagoguery and will get what's coming when I'm doling out the wedgies and the Chinese burns.

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