Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Mel Mutual Appreciation Roundup

Ah well, it had to happen. Mel is gone back Stateside and I've no-one to faff my days away with. Worse luck. I think I'm going to miss him a lot: he's been one of the major influences on me in the two years since I arrived in Belfast. Not only does the work we've done together stand in it's own right, but it has had the extra effect of making me bring some of the more interesting latent ideas in my, ostensibly separate, previous work (for example on nationalism 'n stuff) to the fore. And it seem's I'm not the only blogger sorry to see him go: so is Stephen!

And he gave me his remaining EST CDs and led me towards a few marvellous albums, notably Lyle Lovett (he bought Step Inside this House for me when I was off to Texas in December gone) and Bruce Springsteen's The Rising, a stunning post-9/11 album that I'm actually listening to right now.

And he introduced me to the joys of the Americano: a drink I took to so much that I've had to lay off the coffee completely!

Still, there's very little time to miss Mel: he'll be back with Randi over the Summer. In the meanwhile Mel, thanks for your thoughts and talk with you soon!

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