Thursday, June 16, 2005

Lecture Movements

I see that the political philosopher Jürgen Habermas is delivering the European Journal of Philosophy Annual Lecture in London on the 1st of July, on religion and the public sphere: right up my anoraky street! Habermas will be asking "how does the constitutional separation of state and church influence the role which religious traditions, communities and organizations are allowed to play in the political public sphere and in the state in general, but above all in the political opinion and will formation of citizens themselves?"

It's all a little obscure, but I've heard him saying very interesting things about this before (also in UL), when he delivered a paper published in Philosophy as "Religious Tolerance: the Pacemaker for Cultural Rights" (pdf, subs required). Mmmm: it's at moments like this that I really miss living in England. Still, I have to be near London on the 2nd so now I'm wondering if it wouldn't be too much trouble for me to travel via Malet Street. Must ponder...

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