Friday, March 24, 2006

Georgetown podcasts

Since Intelligent Securocrat Pixies poisoned my water this week1 thus leaving me less able for typing-style research, I took the opportunity to listen to a few of the excellent podcasts from Georgetown Law School's site. Of those that I listened to, two stand out for me.

The first is a witty and interesting interview with US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer2, who tries to give an insight into how the USSC works, and his take on various legal/political questions doing the rounds, including the concept of originalism in constitutional interpretation.

The second is a largely calm and well informed debate on Civil Defence v Civil Liberties.3 It's generally a good debate, with only one person really engaging in hyperbole. The phone-tapping affair and the ongoing detention of people in Guantanamo is addressed. Very interesting.

1I deny the unproven 'tummy bug' theory being spread about by evil Darwinist Protestant atheists.

2I can only get the audio (mp3) to work.

3And again...

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