Monday, May 16, 2005

Who Said Philosophers Couldn't Sell Shit?

Via Harry on Crooked Timber, I see that Frankfurt's On Bullshit has climbed to number three on the sales ranking. See! Us philosophers are commercial concerns! Personally, I'm looking forward to selling several million copies of my opus on Irish nationalism when I actually get round to writing it!

Though, today is a good day. I've sent two papers off to be published, one on liberal theory and Northern Ireland and the other, written with Mel, on ethics in public administration. I'm happy with both of them, not that that's any indication of the various editors' feelings on these matters.

Now to thinking about memory, commemorations, theories of states and Northern Ireland: I have to talk about that on Thursday. Not sure what I want to say yet, or how I can cover all the topics I want to talk about without people gouging their own eyes out with boredom...

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